Veterinarians of Lachine are warning you: Beware of corn cobs!

Lachine veterinarians remind you to be careful with corn on the cob.

This is the time of year where we can enjoy corn on the cob. Often our canine companions like the taste of this food. Unfortunately, in addition to cause adverse gastrointestinal effects such as diarrhea, the cob itself can cause a serious potential danger. When ingested, even if it is only a small piece, the cob can cause an intestinal blockage, and significant medical condition that can be fatal if it is not addressed. If you think your dog has ingested a cob, contact Lachine veterinarians promptly. Here are some signs that may be related to intestinal obstruction: vomiting, retching, diarrhea, anorexia, abdominal pain and lethargy. Be careful, keep the cobs away your companions!

If you have any doubts, call Lachine veterinarians.

About the clinic: The Lachine Veterinary Clinic offers an unmatched and personalized service to pet owners from Lachine, LaSalle, Dorval and Pointe Claire, but also across the West Island of Montreal (West Island) and Laval, and has done so ,since 1982.

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