Autumn and its adverse effects on the pet bird and small domestic mammals

Beware of those beautiful autumn days where it is not uncommon to have temperatures of 20 + degrees Celsius during the day only to be followed by chilly and barely above freezing nights.  When the weather is nice, people tend to open windows to ventilate their homes and stretch out the summer.

Rabbits are very sensitive to temperature drops

Rabbits are very sensitive to temperature drops

The problem here is that we forget to close back those same windows before night-time..allowing our home temperature to drop drastically overnight. Small animals like birds, rabbits and small rodents like pet rats are very sensitive to temperature drops.

These ‘miscues’ are the main reason why a resurgence of respiratory diseases is often observed with these animals when summer gives way to autumn. Cold air enters the house through an open window or poorly insulated walls and floors. Since cold air is heavier than warm air, the temperature at floor level is often colder than the room itself. Often rabbits and small rodents are kept on the ground and therefore are more likely to suffer from nocturnal cooling.

To keep the odds on your side, make sure to close the windows at night time, cover your bird cages well and keep those cages away from windows when you notice the leaves on the trees in your neighborhood turn from green to red.


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