Lower humidity and its effects

When the cold of late fall, early winter sets in, windows are closed and heating systems are started, causing moisture levels in a given house to drastically fall. Heating, especially if it is electric, can lead to a significant drop in humidity inside a home.
It can easily drop down to 10%. Ideally, we should have a relative humidity level between 30 and 50%.This drought can have adverse effects on several animals. Here are some examples. When it is too dry, snakes cease to molt properly and have difficulties in getting rid of their exuviae. Many parrots will begin to peck, that is to say, scratch and pluck feathers. Many dogs and cats can have an abnormal amount of dandruff causing excessive itching and scratching.

So if your hygrometer indicates that the relative humidity in your home is too low, get a humidifier, put a big bowl of water in your snake’s terrarium, bathe your birds more frequently and use an oatmeal based shampoo emollients for your dogs.


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