Antifreeze = Deadly

In winter, engine coolant is important to ensure our car engines and their components don’t freeze . So if it is not already done,make sure the water in your radiator is replaced with antifreeze.

The problem with anti-freeze , is that many animals like the sweet taste of its active ingredient…ethylene glycol.

If your car radiator is leaking or if antifreeze is spilled during filling or if the container is easily accessible to an animal, it will surely lick the poison .cat-832583_960_720

Ingestion of even a small amount may cause life-threatening kidney failure.

A teaspoon and a half is enough to kill a cat and two tablespoons are plenty to kill a 10kg dog.

Signs of ethylene glycol poisoning are not specific but include ; weakness , lethargy , incoordination , hyper-salivation and can even cause seizures .

If treatment is not started within 8 hours of ingesting the antifreeze, the animal dies in atrocious fashion.

By the way, the product is also toxic to humans, so keep out of reach of young children.

So with winter coming…remember to make sure your radiator is in good condition and always keep antifreeze containers away from pets and children .

If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a member of the medical team of the Clinic (514-634-4190) who will be happy to assist you.

About the clinic: The Lachine Veterinary Clinic offers an unmatched and personalized service to pet owners from Lachine, LaSalle, Dorval and Pointe Claire, but also across the West Island of Montreal (West Island) and Laval, and has done so ,since 1982.

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