Transportation of birds in cold weather

When it is cold outside , mainly from December to April , bird owners tend to stop visiting their veterinarian , even when their birds are sick… to protect them from the cold.

A simple technique can be used to move a bird safely , even when it’s cold .  The first thing to do is to get a transport cage .  The smallest transport cage in which your bird can fit, as a smaller cage can keep warm more easily.

Although, normally it is not recommended to heat the car in advance , heat the interior of the car a few minutes before departure when you plan to carry a bird.

Once you are able to remove your coat and be comfortable in the car, you know the desired core temperature required to carry your pet is reached.

Finally, wrap the pet carrier with a warm blanket and put the bird in the car immediately.  Once in the car , make a small opening in the blanket to allow fresh air to circulate.

When the time comes to go home , repeat the same procedure.


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