Arthritis in cats

Did you know that a recent study showed that 92% of xrays of cats 12 years and older showed signs of osteoarthritis. It’s amazing is not it ? Cats are masters at hiding discomfort and pain . Often, they do not show obvious signs of osteoarthritis as a limp for example. However, it is not uncommon for a cat to change its habits and movements precisely to spare his joints. For this reason , it may be difficult to notice the signs of osteoarthritis . Here is a list of the most common signs:

— reluctance to jump ;
— hesitation going up and down stairs ;
— stiffness in the limbs ;
— difficulty to use the litter box if it is too high ;
— limit his movements ;
— sleeps more ;
— spend less time grooming ;
— hides ;
— more irritable ;
— growls when he touches .

If you think your cat is suffering from arthritis , talk to your veterinarian. A good physical

Arthritis signs may be hard to notice

Arthritis signs may be hard to notice

exam and x-rays will help determine if your cat has indeed an arthritic problem. Fortunately, there are medical or surgical treatment depending on the problem diagnosed. The key is to reduce pain and inflammation to allow your cat to have a good quality of life . Your veterinarian will discuss with you a management program specifically designed for its needs.

You can help your cat at home , making sure that his food and water bowls are easily accessible, that his litter box is on the same level as the one he spends most of his time. Make sure the litter box is big enough and it can easily go in . You can also offer comfortable and easily accessible beds.


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