Christmas gift ideas for our pet

Let’s begin with dogs. Leashes , collars and harnesses are a can’t miss idea . More and more shops offer very original types and models.. For very small dogs like Chihuahuas , we recommend a lightweight fabric like nylon. For larger specimens , leather is always chic!

Happy can't wait to open his gift!

Happy can’t wait to open his gift!

Coats and raincoats for dogs may seem unnecessary to some but believe me , they can come very handy in the rain and winter and are certainly not just a fashion statement. . They are particularly useful for short-haired dogs . In winter when it’s cold , short-haired breeds need extra protection. The use of boots help protect paws from frostbite, prevent ice accumulation between fingers and toes and protect against salt and abrasives.There is a special wax you can buy , which when applied between the fingers and toes prevents the accumulation of ice and protects against salts. But it offers no protection against the cold. Chew toys also make great gifts and are particularly handy on Christmas Eve…when families struggle to keep their dogs busy while they run around excited… unwrapping gifts and having a good time.

Cat lovers , you are not forgotten.Lack of stimulation in indoor cats is a key factor in feline behavior problems . But don’t worry, there are several toys that can stimulate them and we have you covered. The first essential need for a balanced feline life : the ever popular claw post. All cats should have one. Ideally more than one. You can even add some catnip to them : hours of fun ! The ultimate post is composed of several units that are set up like condos. Olfactory and visual marking in some units combined with calm hiding units in which he can get some rest . The hot ticket these days concerning cat toys consist of a tube-like shape riddled with multiple holes . The idea is to hide dry food or treats in the holes and watch your cat spend hours trying to dig up the loot . A budget version can be crafted home with a roll of toilet paper or a paper towel roll.

If your cat goes outside , why not give it a nice medal ID ? There are lovely ones on the market and they can be very helpful .

Now,what to get a ferret ? Obviously you want a safe gift. Avoid toys that can be destroyed and swallowed . Ferrets have a tendency to eat/chew everything and that’s never a good idea unless you want your ferret to end up in surgery. So, opt for a hammock or a sleeping bag . They love to sleep on those things…and God knows that nap time is an important activity in the life of a ferret !

For rabbits,avoid treats that are dairy base . Instead, offer coriander or parsley. With rabbits those herbs are always in the winner’s circle. You can also buy small houses where they can hide and which are made of hay…and the added value of a house made of hay is that when your rabbit gets the munchies he can nibble the walls of his own house!

The most important gift that a bird can receive is a bigger cage . A cage can never be too large. ” Bigger is better ” as they say in Chinese. If you have a parrot ( whatever its size) , buy toys that will stimulate it . Mostly toys in which you can hide a treat to be discovered by your bird. It helps prevent behavior problems. A favorite toy for parrots : a piece of white pine. Built for the needs of your bird, a piece of white untreated pine , in which you can make holes with a drill, can become a major focal point . Just apply peanut butter and seeds into the holes and voila! But be prepared . Once your bird has taken a liking to these games , he will ask for more . Remember that white pine is a soft wood that can be destroyed easily and therefore is harmless to your bird.

Reptiles perhaps are not very tuned with their emotions and chances are they will not communicate their gratitude for their new Christmas gifts like your dogs , cats, rabbits , ferrets or birds would. But nonetheless, it’s still nice to spoil them a little for Christmas. Give your reptile a new fluorescent tube that provides UVB rays and enhances colors or maybe a new hot plate providing extra heat ,how about a couple new decorative plants , or new shelter to hide in … Specialty shops are full of presents for your reptiles.

Use your imagination and be generous this Christmas to your furry , feathered or scaly friends.


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