The dangers of Christmas according to the veterinarians of the Lachine veterinary clinic

Today, the veterinarians at the Lachine veterinary clinic want to warn you about the dangers facing our pets during these times of rejoicing. Often we do not realize , but many products or materials that are particularly common during the holiday season can be dangerous for our animals.

Be careful with Christmas decorations

Be careful with Christmas decorations

Who said Christmas, said Christmas tree and decorations . The tree itself , even without any decorations , can be a danger to our pets , especially for our cats. That’s right, if a cat decides to climb a Christmas tree that is not stable , it may fall and it could end badly . So make sure that your tree is well fastened to avoir any problems.

The decorations can also be dangerous. Mainly icicles. Each year we see animals that have eaten the famous icicles. Cats are very fond of them. The vast majority of these patients end up in surgery. Damage to the intestines are sometimes so severe that many die from this.

Food. We all know that during the holiday season , we cook more than ever. Many of the products used for cooking are toxic to our pets , including onions and garlic. Fresh and dried grapes have been associated with renal failure in dogs. The veterinarians at the Lachine veterinary clinic think that the same phenomenon may occur in cats. Although the exact cause of the poisoning is unknown, it is not recommended to give grapes to our animals.

The turkey carcass can also be a source of problems. Indeed , the carcass itself is very oily and if an animal puts its teeth in it, it is at risk of developing a severe disease : pancreatitis. Believe us , dogs and cats that are affected by this condition are very sick , in pain and a lot of care is needed to help them heal.

Cats and dogs love the famous rope that is attached to the turkey during cooking . It can cause serious gastrointestinal complications. So once boned , the carcass should be placed in a garbage bag and stored so that it is inaccessible for our faithful companions .

With respect to the preparation of food itself , most bird owners know that Teflon fumes are toxic to birds. Pet birds should never be present in the kitchen when preparing meals. Not just during the Christmas period. But it is also wise not to let our dogs and cats prowling in the kitchen while we cook . All odors that emerge from the preparation and cooking are very exciting for them. But accidents do happen …

Chocolate is also present in large quantity during the holidays. It is toxic to animals. Beware! Although chocolate (or any other candy ) that are wrapped an easily be detected , especially by dogs whose sense of smell is much more sensitive than ours.

What about alcohol? Often , glasses and even viniers are left unattended. Alcohol can cause serious poisoning in animals. Remember that even a small amount of alcohol for an animal weighing a few pounds can be a major problem that requires veterinary care.

Be careful with candles, they are especially popular during the holidays. Our animals can make them fall, which can cause burns or even cause fires .

Some Christmas plants are toxic to our pets . According to the Poison Control Center of the American SPCA , the toxicity of the poinsettia has been largely exaggerated. It is therefore not the most poisonous Christmas plant . Mistletoe can cause serious digestive problems and even death.

In short the veterinarians at the Lachine veterinary clinic remind you that when you have a pet , you should always be alert . They just needs extra attention during the holiday season. That way you ‘re more likely to spend Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day in the comfort of your home with your family and friends, rather than in a waiting room of a crowded emergency center …


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