10 New Year resolutions for all pet owners from Lachine veterinary clinic

Here are 10 resolutions that should be taken by all pet owners. These resolutions do not apply to everyone. Some focus on dogs and cats, others on birds and some on acquiring a NAC ( new pets ) . Here listed from the tenth to first .

Birds are not trophies.

To this day, many people still buy  birds only because they find them beautiful ! They are…, but remember, these animals require tons of care and attention.

After handling any animal, make sure to wash your hands.

A definite must,to the point of making it a habit. Let it be a turtle, snake and even a dog, you should wash your hands after every handling and especially  when young children are involved.

Pets not intended for breeding  =  sterilization .

Sterilization is the best way to control pet overpopulation . Quebec SPCA’s are overflowing with abandoned animals  and hundreds are headed for euthanasia  each year. In addition, this routine procedure can even save the lives of many animals . Rabbits, for example, greatly benefit from sterilization as tumors of the uterus are a leading cause of death in rabbits.

Aquarium water needs to be changed frequently.

Without frequent water changes , the water in your aquarium can quickly become a smelly and deadly swamp . We recommend changing up to  25 %  of your aquarium water weekly .

I must brush my pet’s teeth.

Many cats and dogs over three years of age suffer from periodontal diseases. Good oral hygiene habits are essential to the health of your pets. There is now evidence that poorly maintained teeth can cause problems to the heart , kidneys and liver. When you adopt a cat , dog or ferret , get it used to frequent brushings.

Follow obedience classes with your dog.

With proper veterinary care , the best investment a new dog owner can make is a solid obedience starter class. It will provide and encourage years of enjoyment for yourself and  your new ‘friend’.

I will keep a very keen eye on my ferret.

Ferrets have a habit of tasting everything. If you do not watch them closely, they will try to swallow pieces like; rubber erasers , pieces of toys,plastic pen caps etc.  And in most cases, those same ferrets end up on a surgical table . When you can not closely supervise your ferret ,  keep it in it’s cage.

At least one yearly medical exam for your pet.

It is generally said that dogs age seven years per calendar year. It is roughly the same phenomenon with cats. So understand here that getting your pet examined once a calendar year equals to a human checking in a medical clinic every 5 to 7 years!! Preventive medicine usually avoids more expensive procedures down the road and protects your pet from seriously compromising it’s immediate and future health.

Picking up your pet’s little gifts

Even  now in 2013 , people continue to walk their dogs without poo bags. Dog owners can sometimes be their own worst enemies . When they allow their dogs to walk without a leash in public or when they do not pick up after their pets, they enrage entire communities and expose themselves to massive push-back from local authorities, who counter with measures like banning dogs from parks etc. For the love of dogs in general , please show a little civility .

Seek competent animal experts for  Q/A’s and information on a chosen pet BEFORE your next pet acquisition.

When you are misinformed about the animal you are about to adopt, the story rarely ends well. Today, with all the information readily available on the web, in books,magazines or  at your local  Animal heath clinic , you truly have no excuses not to be informed. Acquiring knowledge is the name of the game here.

In closing, we wish you a very Happy New Year , health and happiness for you and your favorite pets !


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