Can our dog help us to meet our soul mate?

You can ask any dog owner, our faithful companions are the best ice breaker when it is time to meet people . Forget bars or online dating services. Go out with your dog! On several occasions, we were told by a customer that since they had a dog, everyone stopped them on the street or in parks to talk. However, before they were completely unnoticed when they went for a walk in the neighborhood.

English Bulldog

Leo an English Bulldog

If you love dogs and someone approaches you because he or she is attracted to your furry companion , you can say that you have at least one thing in common . This is a good start.

For someone who loves animals and especially dogs , they can become an incredible center of attraction.

It is nearly impossible not to fall for a puppy. Although some people will prefer one breed over another, everyone will succumb to a puppy.

So given that Valentine’s Day approaches, we have decided to do a ” top 10 ” of dog breeds that are most likely to make you meet people.

We prefer to warn you immediately. This post is humorous . Do not get frustrated if your dog is not on our list. We cannot review all breeds recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club (CCC) … And to be a little objective we selected the 10 most popular breeds in Canada in 2012 as stated by the CCC .

So in order:

1 . Labrador Retriever

2 . Golden Retriever

3 . German Shepherd

4 . Poodle

5 . Shetland Sheepdog

6 . Bernese Mountain Dog

7 . Yorkshire Terrier

8 . Havanese

9 . English Bulldog

 10 . Schnauzer ( miniature)

As mentioned above, this exercise is intended to be humorous and informative. Far be it from us to suggest to anyone looking for a soul mate, to just go buy a dog to meet people. It would be a very bad idea, which could end badly for the dog.

Also note that , regardless of the dog, if it is rude or bites, if he’s drooling over the skirt of the woman who came to pet him or if he puts his dirty paws on the man beige pants … it is certain that you will never meet anyone! They’ll ignore you. You know, the first impression is always important.

Another interesting point . Your dog is just a reflection of your personality and to an observer , this is a pretty significant clue . Example: if you have a hunting dog as a Hungarian Pointing dog, it suggests that you are active and that you love the outdoors . If you have a Pomeranian , it betrays the fact that maybe you like to stay home. That said, many people are misinformed when purchasing a dog and it is possible that their choice doesn’t fit their personality.

It’s sad, but some breeds have a reputation to be aggressive. Their reputation may be justified or not . The best example is the Doberman. The reputation of this dog is completely unjustified. This is a lovely dog who is an excellent family companion . It is rarely aggressive. And yet many are afraid . So to meet your soul mate , this is unfortunately not the ideal race. Except if he or she is attracted to this breed.

Again we believe that there are no ugly dogs and it is a matter of taste . Remember that we used the excuse of Valentine’s day to exploit this angle , to talk about man’s (and woman’s) best friend!

Happy Valentine’s day !


3 thoughts on “Can our dog help us to meet our soul mate?

  1. Gede Prama

    article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂


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