Allergies to pets

More and more people each year ,suffer from pet allergies .

If you are among those allergic to animals, let’s try together to find some elements of solution to a complex situation.

For people who love animals , especially for children, allergies to pets can be disappointing see catastrophic.

For people who love animals , especially for children, allergies to pets can be disappointing see catastrophic.

First, we must say that apart from reptiles and fish, no real animal is hypoallergenic . It just does not exist .Even if reptiles do not have hair ,feathers or skin glands and are not sticky , a person could still be allergic to reptile dander, but these animals, do not shed dander . So in theory, reptiles can therefore be considered hypoallergenic. Although many folks claim to still be allergic to them…the problem seems to be more psychological and that’s a whole other can of worms ! So we can say that snakes, lizards and turtles are the hypoallergenic equivalent of being the number one contender.

Fish are also a great choice for allergy sufferers. It is clear that the relationship between the master and the fish is not as strong as in the case of a mammal or a bird, but a beautiful aquarium in a home, gives it life, provides an amazing relaxing effect and is an exciting hobby .

As mentioned above, regardless of the animal, with hair or feathers, none of them can be considered hypoallergenic. Curly -haired dogs , such as Poodles, Bichon Frises , Kerry Blues and Bedlingtons to name a few , generally cause fewer reactions than dogs with short hair. But do not forget they can also cause allergies.

Regarding cats , it is now known that much of the severe reactions caused by cats, are due to an allergen that has been identified and referred to Fel d 1 . It’s an allergen that comes from the cat’s sebaceous glands. By licking itself, the cat’s allergen will spread all over his coat. Some people also react to cat dander , but it is generally recognized that the allergen Fel d 1 is the main culprit. By the way, even the Rex cat breed,known for its very short hair and the virtually hairless Sphinx can also be allergenic ,proving that the main source of allergies come from sebaceous glands and not the hair itself. Interesting statistic , it seems that in North America , cats are responsible for nearly 66 % of the allergic reactions triggered by animals. Just in the United States , it is estimated that 27 million people are allergic to cats .

In closing, we invite all those who suffer from allergies to proceed with caution. The reactions can sometimes be violent. Before adopting a pet, it is wise to do some tests. Tests conducted by specialists can show you what animals you are allergic to . But in addition to these tests, you should visit someone who has a similar animal to the one you would like to adopt . Stay long enough , handle the animal cautiously and gradually and observe your reaction.This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises.


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