Easter: Bunny, chocolate, flowers and company!

Who says Easter, says Easter Bunny. There are traces of the famous rabbit , even in antiquity, 3,500 years before Christ . Initially, we were talking about a hare , a symbol of abundance, growth and renewal that corresponded to the spring.

The tradition of associating the rabbit and eggs is of Germanic origin . Traders of the eighteenth century , had the idea to offer chocolate rabbit and eggs . Neat idea , especially after the privations of Lent. Legend has it that a poor man , too poor to offer treats to his children, had the idea of decorated eggs and to hide them in the garden before sending his children search for them . After seeing a rabbit, the children thought that it was he who had laid those colorful eggs.


It is never a good idea to offer pet rabbits as a gift!

The tradition has since been exported to the United States by German immigrants and there was born the famous Easter Bunny. The children made a nest in the garden hoping that the Easter bunny would fill it with eggs overnight. Traditionally, the egg was associated with germination , which takes place in the spring and the rabbit was a symbol of fertility.

Along with this tradition , another one is installed… Giving children baby rabbits for Easter . In Quebec , this tradition has been very popular after the Quiet Revolution. Unfortunately, this tradition has had a negative impact on the lives of these poor rabbits. They were very beautiful when they were small , but once the excitement of Easter past , the vast majority of these animals found themselves at the SPCA and most of them were then euthanized. How sad ! Some unscrupulous pet dealers would even dye rabbits ( and chicks too) to make them more attractive!

Fortunately, thanks to pressure from animal welfare organizations , the tradition was lost . Nowadays at Easter , serious pet stores avoid putting rabbits in evidence and some even give chocolate bunnies instead of live animals.

Does that mean that the rabbit is not a good pet ? Absolutely not! But give to give a live animal as a gift on specials days and occasions it is never a good idea.

That being said , here is a good description of the domestic rabbit .

It is a herbivorous mammal of the order of lagomorphs. Its upper jaw has two pairs of incisors that continually grow compared to rodents that have only one pair of incisors .

All strains of domestic rabbits , including the dwarf rabbit, come from a wild rabbit. Previously, it was said that the average life expectancy of a rabbit was 7 years. Nowadays , one can easily say that rabbits who are sterilized (especially females ) can easily double this longevity.

Contrary to what many people think , this is a very intelligent animal . It is very sweet, loving , sociable and easy to housebreak and rarely bites . Most rabbits we see even use a litter, such as cats.

A final word on Easter chocolate and flowers.

You will receive chocolate of all shapes and colors . Be careful! Chocolate can make your pets very sick . Some may even die. Make sure you make your chocolate inaccessible to your pets. Remember that the flair of our animals, especially our dogs, is quite better than ours .
The flowers are finally out in Quebec… In supermarkets! Some flowers can be dangerous to our pets, especially those of the lily family. For more information, visit Pet Poison Helpline. (http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/pet-owners/basics/top-10-plants-poisonous-to-pets/)


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