Health insurance for dogs and cats

Did you know that you can buy health insurance for your dogs and cats?

Like their very own Medicare cards, pets can have health insurance. Unfortunately in Canada, only dogs and cats can benefit from this . There is a company that provides insurances for exotic animals and birds, but only for U.S.A residents.Too bad, because exotic animals (rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, reptiles …) and birds from every other country, are in dire need of this type of coverage.

These companies offer plans that also cover preventive care.

These companies offer plans that also cover preventive care.

Obviously, if you are able to put a certain amount of money every month (which varies depending on the company and the type of plan chosen) in a savings account, you do not need such insurance. But if your pet becomes seriously ill before you have managed to accumulate enough money to pay the bill in full, you may end up putting your finances at risk.

Several companies offer insurance for dogs and cats. For example, Petsecure® is very popular and enjoys a good reputation, but there are others.

These companies offer plans that also cover preventive care, such as annual exams, vaccinations, urine tests, stool tests, testing for heart worm, parasite treatments (heart worm, fleas, intestinal parasites) and even blood tests. Quickly, these benefits can become very interesting to any potential insurance buyer.

If you have at heart ,the health of your pet, but also want peace of mind, you should subscribe to such insurance. Here are two important points to consider if you are not convinced. Veterinary fees in Quebec have experienced adjustments in recent years ,and although they are still the lowest in Canada, they are now closer to those of other Canadian provinces. In addition, the range of services offered by your veterinarians has evolved greatly in recent years. Magnetic resonance, computed tomography (Scan), ultrasound, radiation, etc.. These tools and techniques can save lives, but can be expensive.

Each company offers plans that are similar in some respects and different in others. We suggest that you ask for estimates from several companies,in short,shop around . Another great idea is to talk to your veterinarian.

Adherence to such insurance offers the comfort of knowing that,if stricken with an illness, your pet will receive the care it needs without compromise.


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