Prevention goes a long way in cost reductions

Do you know what are the top five diseases afflicting dogs and cats everywhere? Here are the top 5, according to a U.S. study. Note that the results can easily be applied here in Canada. What are they and what can be done to prevent them? That is the subject of our blog this week.

Financially speaking, it is much cheaper to prevent than to cure.

Financially speaking, it is much cheaper to prevent than to cure.

Dental diseases are by far the most frequently encountered diseases, more so  with cats than dogs. Periodontal diseases, as they are called, are the cause of many other health problems. Including among others, heart, liver and kidney diseases. How can I prevent periodontal disease? It’s easy! By brushing your pet’s teeth every day. What to do if your pet does not accept tooth brushing, despite all the positive conditioning techniques? Resign yourself and get them done by your veterinarian once a year.

The second disease most frequently seen in dogs and cats is externa otitis. That is to say, the inflammation of the canal and the outer pinna. Several reasons are responsible for externa otitis. How to prevent it? There are some tricks. Among others, keeping them clean and dry. If your dog swims in the pool,in  a lake or in a river, upon his return, dry his ears. If ever your pet has a tendency to produce a lot of wax, your veterinarian will recommend a product that will help keep them clean and dry. Warning! Many owners tend to exaggerate when it comes to cleaning  ears and that can cause ear infections in  itself. It then becomes an iatrogenic condition. Follow your veterinarian‘s recommendations. Many ear infections are allergic or atopic and of food origins. Consequently, by controlling them well, you will prevent their occurrence.

In third place comes diabetes. A clear upward trend has been noted since the last study in 2006. The main reason for this increase is the fact that, like their masters, more and more pets are obese. This makes them more likely to develop type II diabetes. A good low calorie diet and an exercise program tailored to your animal, especially dogs ,can help prevent this disease.

Since the study was conducted in the United States, it is not surprising that heart worm is in the top 5 of most frequently diagnosed diseases in dogs. Especially in the southern states of the U.S, where the disease is present 12 months a year. Anyways, even in Canada, this disease is easily prevented with  simple monthly medication.

Infestations by fleas complete the ranking. In areas where frost rages on for much of the winter, the incidence of flea infestations decreases considerably and people tend to forget about it. But when the good weather returns, these critters start to haunt our animals. Fortunately, as the four preceding conditions, fleas can be easily prevented. As we also mentioned in our blog about the awakening of nature and parasites, it is sometimes possible to administer a single monthly medication to prevent, fleas, heart worm and intestinal parasites all together. Financially speaking, it is much cheaper to prevent than to cure.


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