Feeding your guinea pig

Guinea pigs love to eat, when they are healthy , they have a big appetite. This is why, it is important to offer guinea pigs ,quality food.  Like us, they are unable to naturally produce their own vitamin C, so we must give them foods rich in vitamin c and even give them a supplement on a daily basis.

A guinea pig who does not receive a vitamin C supplement or a diet rich in vitamin C, rapidly depletes  its reserves and can develop scurvy, a disease directly related to this deficiency.

The Lachine veterinary clinic veterinarians recommend you to feed your guinea pig as follows:chickpea2

  1. Fiber is a very important part of their daily diet. Timothy hay of good quality should be offered at will.
  2. Pellets (extruded food) is not essential if you provide enough green and hay, but it can be given in moderate amounts, about 1/4 cup (~ 60 ml) per day. Avoid diets containing grains like; (corn, sunflower, etc.).
  3. Offer him a variety of quality green vegetables, such as carrots ,heads of romaine lettuce, leaf lettuce, fresh parsley, fresh herbs, dandelion, pepper, fennel, etc. You can also offer him small quantities of fruits. He will like bananas, apples, strawberries and raspberries.
  4. Avoid vitamin supplement (except vitamin C of course) and minerals. As well as treats made from dairy products.
  5. Give vitamin C every day. You can dissolve 1/4 tablet of 1000 mg soluble vitamin C (Redoxon®) in a cup of water.
  6. If Your guinea pig refuses to drink by itself, offer 2.5 ml of this solution: dissolve 1/4 tablet of 1000 mg soluble vitamin C (Redoxon®) in 1/4 cup water . Do not forget to change the solution every day.
  7. You Can also offer him  tablets of vitamin C like the  Oxbow® brand. 1 tablet daily.

If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a member of the medical team of the Clinic (514-634-4190) who will be happy to assist you.

About the clinic: The Lachine Veterinary Clinic offers an unmatched and personalized service to pet owners from Lachine, LaSalle, Dorval and Pointe Claire, but also across the West Island of Montreal (West Island) and Laval, and has done so ,since 1982.


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