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About the clinic: The Lachine Veterinary Clinic offers an unmatched and personalized service to pet owners from Lachine, LaSalle, Dorval and Pointe Claire, but also across the West Island of Montreal (West Island) and Laval, and has done so ,since 1982.

Christmas tree and your companions! Words of caution by veterinarians of Lachine

Veterinarians of Lachine would like to share some recommendations.

What’s more interesting for a cat, a dog, a ferret, rabbit and even a bird than a pretty and sparkling tree full of decorations?

Veterinarians of Lachine suggest you take a few precautions to avoid spending part of your holiday vacation at the vet!

What's more interesting for a cat, a dog, a ferret, rabbit and even a bird than a pretty and sparkling tree full of decorations?

What’s more interesting for a cat, a dog, a ferret, rabbit and even a bird than a pretty and sparkling tree full of decorations?

Solidify your tree:

Install your tree in a corner, ideally away from any object that could help your companion climb the tree. Make sure it is secure and solid!

Add a fortress

You can also add an enclosure or fence around your tree, although not very aesthetic, this is very effective. Another alternative, especially interesting and effective for cats is to use the Ssscat® by Multivet. This device has a motion detector that alerts your companion if he approaches a forbidden zone. If he decides to come closer, the device sends a odorless jet of air towards your companion.

Beware of decorations:

Veterinarians of Lachine suggest you avoid putting decorations at the bottom of the tree, to tame temptations. Same thing with Christmas lights, your companions might chew electrical cords. Here are some things to avoid:

– Tinsel decorations: If ingested they can cause serious problems.

– Glass christmas ornaments: Prefer shatterproof or wood ornaments

– Electrical Wires: Conceal the wires around your tree.

– Small ornaments: that can easily be ingested.

– Wires or ribbons: Can cause the same problems as the tinsel.

– Hooks: Make sure they are secure and that the ornaments are securely fastened.

– Standing water: If you have a real tree, make sure that the water container is out of reach of your companions.

Monitoring is required:

Observe your companions during the first few hours after putting your tree up. Make any necessary adjustments if you discover some flaws in your fortress! Prevention is the key, that way you’ll spend a safe holiday season.

You have other trick or idea? Please contact us!

About the clinic: The Lachine Veterinary Clinic offers an unmatched and personalized service to pet owners from Lachine, LaSalle, Dorval and Pointe Claire, but also across the West Island of Montreal (West Island) and Laval, and has done so ,since 1982.

Animal health week from September 28 to October 4, 2014

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) would like to recognize Animal Health Week by drawing attention to the important role played by veterinarians in keeping animals, and, in turn, humans, healthy through the appropriate use of antibiotics.

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About the clinic: The Lachine Veterinary Clinic offers an unmatched and personalized service to pet owners from Lachine, LaSalle, Dorval and Pointe Claire, but also across the West Island of Montreal (West Island) and Laval, and has done so ,since 1982.

The abandonment of pets

It is well known, the true national sport of Quebecers is not hockey. It is moving.In about two weeks, all trucks in Quebec will be requisitioned for this annual chore. July 1st is a day to forget for motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists traveling in Montreal. Besides  regular roadwork and festivals clogging traffic , the additional moving trucks double parked everywhere ,won’t improve the situation. Fortunately, the bulk of all the moving being done is on July 1st, which is a holiday.

What scares us is that by the time everyone planning to move will be finished moving into their new homes,hundreds of pets will be abandoned by their owners.

What scares us is that by the time everyone planning to move will be finished moving into their new homes,hundreds of pets will be abandoned by their owners.

The reason we apprehend July 1st in this chronicle, is not because we are afraid of being caught in a traffic jam. What scares us is that by the time everyone planning to move will be finished moving into their new homes,hundreds of pets will be abandoned by their owners. A yearly event, that, is terrible.

According to recently published statistics, nearly 45% of Quebec households owns a pet, but on average, these animals are kept for two years …

We know and we are regularly reminded by the fact that organizations protect animals. But regardless,each year, thousands of pets are abandoned. And when moving season and the summer holidays approach, the situation escalates.

For many people who had not thought of that(moving,vacations etc,) before acquiring a pet, these two periods are often problematic.

To make matters worse, with the housing crisis raging in Quebec these days, landlords become increasingly picky and accept fewer tenants who own an animal.

The result is that many animals get abandoned, left on the street or are sent to a refuge, where most of the time they will eventually be euthanized.

How to avoid this carnage?

Before buying a pet, find a solution and plan your absences. There are several solutions: pension specialists, pet stores, veterinary clinics, family, friends. Many hotels even allow dogs. Simply search.

If unfortunately you must move into a home where pets are not allowed, two solutions  are available to you. The Quebec Society for Animal Welfare (SQDA) suggests that you  offer to pay a security deposit to the landlord. In this way, the future tenant ensures that in case of damage caused by his animal to the property, the landlord will be compensated.

If negotiations fail, you need to find a host family for your pet. Animals adapt very well to new families. Euthanasia is not a solution. And like most animals that are left in refuges are eventually euthanized, abandoning your pet in the various shelters across Quebec is not a solution. You should have thought this through. This is your pet, your responsibility.

What about people who do not even  bother to take their pet to the shelter and decide to abandon them in the street? Those people disgust me. A couple years ago, one of our clients, who was moving into her new apartment , found a box full of hungry kittens….

And unfortunately, abandoned animals are rarely sterilized, and therefore contribute in aggravating the problem of stray animal overpopulation.

We invite you to take  responsibility and show good citizenship. Do not let a beautiful season like summer, become an innocent animal’s nightmare.

Allergies to pets

More and more people each year ,suffer from pet allergies .

If you are among those allergic to animals, let’s try together to find some elements of solution to a complex situation.

For people who love animals , especially for children, allergies to pets can be disappointing see catastrophic.

For people who love animals , especially for children, allergies to pets can be disappointing see catastrophic.

First, we must say that apart from reptiles and fish, no real animal is hypoallergenic . It just does not exist .Even if reptiles do not have hair ,feathers or skin glands and are not sticky , a person could still be allergic to reptile dander, but these animals, do not shed dander . So in theory, reptiles can therefore be considered hypoallergenic. Although many folks claim to still be allergic to them…the problem seems to be more psychological and that’s a whole other can of worms ! So we can say that snakes, lizards and turtles are the hypoallergenic equivalent of being the number one contender.

Fish are also a great choice for allergy sufferers. It is clear that the relationship between the master and the fish is not as strong as in the case of a mammal or a bird, but a beautiful aquarium in a home, gives it life, provides an amazing relaxing effect and is an exciting hobby .

As mentioned above, regardless of the animal, with hair or feathers, none of them can be considered hypoallergenic. Curly -haired dogs , such as Poodles, Bichon Frises , Kerry Blues and Bedlingtons to name a few , generally cause fewer reactions than dogs with short hair. But do not forget they can also cause allergies.

Regarding cats , it is now known that much of the severe reactions caused by cats, are due to an allergen that has been identified and referred to Fel d 1 . It’s an allergen that comes from the cat’s sebaceous glands. By licking itself, the cat’s allergen will spread all over his coat. Some people also react to cat dander , but it is generally recognized that the allergen Fel d 1 is the main culprit. By the way, even the Rex cat breed,known for its very short hair and the virtually hairless Sphinx can also be allergenic ,proving that the main source of allergies come from sebaceous glands and not the hair itself. Interesting statistic , it seems that in North America , cats are responsible for nearly 66 % of the allergic reactions triggered by animals. Just in the United States , it is estimated that 27 million people are allergic to cats .

In closing, we invite all those who suffer from allergies to proceed with caution. The reactions can sometimes be violent. Before adopting a pet, it is wise to do some tests. Tests conducted by specialists can show you what animals you are allergic to . But in addition to these tests, you should visit someone who has a similar animal to the one you would like to adopt . Stay long enough , handle the animal cautiously and gradually and observe your reaction.This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Advice from veterinarians of Lachine before buying a turtle

Turtles are still popular with fans of exotic animals and a anyone wanting to adopt a turtle should ask these questions to a qualified specialist like your local veterinarian. Here are some recommendations from veterinarians of Lachine .

Dr Beauchamp and Dinnia with a Sulcata tortoise.

Dr Beauchamp and Dinnia with a Sulcata tortoise.

The first thing to know is that a turtle can not be tamed like a dog. It can get used to our presence and manipulation , but will always be more independent than a mammal or birds,for example . With patience , you can sometimes change its character and make it a little more sociable and fun to keep .

In regard to size, most pet stores offer their customers hatchlings , which can lead to unpleasant surprises . When it is sold , the famous little red-eared turtle measures only 4 cm in diameter and weighs only a few grams..but when fully grown , this aquatic turtle can measure more than 30 cm and can weigh nearly two pounds! Veterinarians of Lachine reminds you that aquatic turtle of that size requires a fairly large tank and expensive equipment …just to keep it clean and liveable for the turtle. It is therefore very important to be well informed about the adult size of the coveted turtle . This is true for all reptiles.

Feeding turtles vary greatly from one species to another. Some tortoises are herbivores and only require a daily intake of vegetables. Aquatic turtles are primarily carnivores and must be fed into the water. When fed into the basin where they live, major water pollution can occur and therefore requires even more maintenance. Veterinarians of Lachine recommend you feed your turtles outside of the ” terrarium ” where they live. In a separate tank.

Turtles are generally not aggressive and timid. Bites attributed to the tortoises are very rare. Aquatic turtles , meanwhile, do not hesitate to show their disagreement by biting unwary manipulators.

Some believe that turtles require no maintenance . This is totally false. It is true that many of them require less care than a dog , a cat or a bird, but a minimum of attention is crucial. Regular cleaning of the aquarium , filter and weekly water changes are essential. Otherwise, the aquarium may turn into a stinking swamp. Similarly, terrariums should be cleaned regularly to avoid unhealthy microbial growth.

Some desert species require a hot and dry environment. By cons , most tropical species need a warm environment ( 25-35 C) with about 60% humidity.

Warning! Veterinarians of Lachine remind you that in most regions of Canada , custody of wildlife , including turtles is prohibited , unless a special permit is issued. In addition, you should never keep turtles that were not born in captivity , even if the laws of your province or city allows you to do so. Since several species of turtles are endangered, always make sure that the turtles you purchase come from farms and can be legally owned as pets in the area where you live.

Finally, veterinarians of Lachine would like to talk to future and present turtle owners about salmonella, a disease that can cause severe gastroenteritis to them and their families. Human salmonella is mainly transmitted by contaminated food. But it can also be transmitted by direct or indirect contact with feces of dogs, cats , rodents , rabbits, birds and reptiles. Remain vigilant with all reptiles, including turtles and consider them as potential carriers of salmonella. Therefore it is essential to wash your hands after cleaning the terrarium or after handling a turtle. In fact the same could be said after handling any kind of animals . Recently the United States , following the publication of the Disney cartoon “The Princess and the Frog “, the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta issued an alert to salmonella. Indeed , several children ,wanting to imitate the princess who kissed the frog, caught salmonella…. while kissing an actual frog.

Make sure to be present when children handle your pet reptiles. So you can ensure that all involved have washed their hands like they should .

Besides, that’s what everyone should do after having touched any animal …

10 New Year resolutions for all pet owners from Lachine veterinary clinic

Here are 10 resolutions that should be taken by all pet owners. These resolutions do not apply to everyone. Some focus on dogs and cats, others on birds and some on acquiring a NAC ( new pets ) . Here listed from the tenth to first .

Birds are not trophies.

To this day, many people still buy  birds only because they find them beautiful ! They are…, but remember, these animals require tons of care and attention.

After handling any animal, make sure to wash your hands.

A definite must,to the point of making it a habit. Let it be a turtle, snake and even a dog, you should wash your hands after every handling and especially  when young children are involved.

Pets not intended for breeding  =  sterilization .

Sterilization is the best way to control pet overpopulation . Quebec SPCA’s are overflowing with abandoned animals  and hundreds are headed for euthanasia  each year. In addition, this routine procedure can even save the lives of many animals . Rabbits, for example, greatly benefit from sterilization as tumors of the uterus are a leading cause of death in rabbits.

Aquarium water needs to be changed frequently.

Without frequent water changes , the water in your aquarium can quickly become a smelly and deadly swamp . We recommend changing up to  25 %  of your aquarium water weekly .

I must brush my pet’s teeth.

Many cats and dogs over three years of age suffer from periodontal diseases. Good oral hygiene habits are essential to the health of your pets. There is now evidence that poorly maintained teeth can cause problems to the heart , kidneys and liver. When you adopt a cat , dog or ferret , get it used to frequent brushings.

Follow obedience classes with your dog.

With proper veterinary care , the best investment a new dog owner can make is a solid obedience starter class. It will provide and encourage years of enjoyment for yourself and  your new ‘friend’.

I will keep a very keen eye on my ferret.

Ferrets have a habit of tasting everything. If you do not watch them closely, they will try to swallow pieces like; rubber erasers , pieces of toys,plastic pen caps etc.  And in most cases, those same ferrets end up on a surgical table . When you can not closely supervise your ferret ,  keep it in it’s cage.

At least one yearly medical exam for your pet.

It is generally said that dogs age seven years per calendar year. It is roughly the same phenomenon with cats. So understand here that getting your pet examined once a calendar year equals to a human checking in a medical clinic every 5 to 7 years!! Preventive medicine usually avoids more expensive procedures down the road and protects your pet from seriously compromising it’s immediate and future health.

Picking up your pet’s little gifts

Even  now in 2013 , people continue to walk their dogs without poo bags. Dog owners can sometimes be their own worst enemies . When they allow their dogs to walk without a leash in public or when they do not pick up after their pets, they enrage entire communities and expose themselves to massive push-back from local authorities, who counter with measures like banning dogs from parks etc. For the love of dogs in general , please show a little civility .

Seek competent animal experts for  Q/A’s and information on a chosen pet BEFORE your next pet acquisition.

When you are misinformed about the animal you are about to adopt, the story rarely ends well. Today, with all the information readily available on the web, in books,magazines or  at your local  Animal heath clinic , you truly have no excuses not to be informed. Acquiring knowledge is the name of the game here.

In closing, we wish you a very Happy New Year , health and happiness for you and your favorite pets !